Email Billing

Many of you are receiving your utility bills by email.  After the last software update a security feature was added which caused some problems with opening the PDF.  This problem is associated with the program trying to open the file.  Try “right clicking” on the PDF icon & choose “open with” ADOBE.
We have now added the software to send your assessment & tax notices by email. If you wish to receive your bills by email & have not completed the attached consent, please do so now.
If you have completed the form, but would like to amend the email address that you have provided, please complete a new form and mark it “REVISED”.
Payments can be made by forwarding an email money transfer to the Resort Village by using this email address.  There is also a rural mail box at the corner and on my house for dropping off cheques.  If you are paying with cash, please ensure that you deliver it to me in person – do not put it in the mail box.
Thank you for supporting our decision to economize by using less paper products & postage.
Mayor testing the water during the opening
of the water pump station in 2008