Recycle Program

A recycling program, managed by volunteers, operates through out the year in the village. Residents are asked to sort their material and deliver it to the marked containers located at the municiple building on the corner of the ball diamond.

Here are some guidelines if you are delivering items to the recycle shed:
1. Sort your material and place the items in the designated container. Do not dump bags of various cans and
2. Remove all tops.
3. All milk cartons, plastic and cardboard, all tin cans, and all glass jars go in the Lorass bin.
4. Aluminum cans in the marked barrel
5. All other plastic beverage containers – juice, water, tetra paks go into the big white bag.
6. Wine and liquor bottles go in the crates.

We have been advised that our “paper” bin can now accept all recyclables including glass & plastics.

A list of acceptable items is can be viewed by clicking on the Recycle List 2011 below – Please ignore the reference to the “blue” container.

The attached pdf lists items that can now be placed in the green recycle bin.  Please follow the the instructions as to which products are allowed in the green bin.

Recycle List 2011

We accept:

    • aluminum cans
    • wine and beer bottles
    • beverage containers
    • milk cartons
    • tin cans
    • plus more

We now accept:

    • paper
    • cardboard

We do not accept such items as paint or electronics –printers, computers,
TV’s. Take this material to a Sarcan depot in Saskatoon.

Contact person:  Judy Rathie