Garbage & Sewage


Holding tanks are required for all cottages and homes and all waste water must be drained into the tanks and emptied by a licensed hauler.  For hauler information, contact our Village Administrator (492-2259)

New sewage lagoon and wastewater treatment system within the Rural Municipality (RM) of Dundurn

$200 basic charge for sewer – billed $50/quarter

Dundurn And Area Waste Water Utility

2017 Financial Statement


Loraas Disposal is our contractor for weekly garbage pickup.  Other garbage disposal is provided for at the Dundurn Landfill.  Please contact the Village Administrator for details.

$20/month for permanent – seasonal – $1.25 for cart rental when not in use.

(Damage Policy Soon)

Garbage Cart Fees

Effective June 1/17 the fee for your garbage cart will increase to $21.00/month.


Contact person:Ron Evans

The compost program, operating from a site at the north end of the village,accepts primarily leaves and grass.  Leaves are delivered in the fall and spring and grass throughout the summer.

Maintaining the program requires a certain amount of work by volunteers; therefore, we ask residents for their assistance.  When grass is delivered take a few minutes to wet and mix it with leaves. This is essential if the composting process is to occur. The entire pile can then be turned later with a tractor.

Finished compost is available to be used by all residents

Boat Docks

If you are interested in obtaining a boat dock, contact Councillor Dwayne Heidt (492-2218).

Shoreline Alterations

As of January 1 – applications for Shoreline alterations are being handled via the Water Security Agency

You can go to their website:

On it they have electronic application form (similar to what MOE used), as well as a contact list of the 5 individuals who deal with permits and a map showing their areas of responsibility. I believe that John Salamon may be responsible for the area that includes Blackstrap.

However, it is still the Compliance Officers that carry out inspections and ensure compliance.

Property Assessment