Community Centre


After several years of holding meetings in various Saskatoon locations, and then in peoples garages at Shields, a building committee was struck in June, 1994. They recommended that a 24/54 structure be built on Procter  Street adjacent to the golf course .Through a Federal grant, private donations and fundraising activities, monies were raised, and volunteers constructed  the hall with a capacity for 60 persons.

This hall served the community well, but as the village grew , so did the need for  a larger facility. In 2005 a Federal grant  paid for a 36/36 cement pad  on the south side of existing building. After two years of fundraising over $20,000 was raised and again volunteers stepped up to build the large addition which was completed in July 2008.

The Community Centre with a capacity for 160, is a hub of activity all year round. Council meetings, potluck suppers , dances, and special events such as weddings, receptions and golf tournaments  keep village folk busy.

Cost to Rent

  • Residents: $150.00 per day. If the hall is not rented, residents will have access to the hall night before event without charge.
  • Non-Residents: $300.00 per day
  • Resident meeting less than 3 hours duration: $50
  • Non-resident meeting less than 3 hours duration: $135
  • B.B.Q. Rental with hall $15.00 per day

Contact: Jessie Wiliiams at 306-492-2259

New Maintenance Building


The new maintenance shed is nearing completion.  This heated facility will be an asset for equipment storage and a repair site.  It will also provide a warm storage space for the sand/crusher dust to assist with winter street sanding operations.  This major project was funded through the infrastructure grants for 2009 and a contribution from an estate fund.  It is also the result of many hours of volunteer labour by the citizens of Shields.




Water Pump House

Pump house grand opening in 2008. 

Water piped from Saskatoon.