Hole in the Wall Restaurant


The Hole in the Wall Restaurant is a converted Texaco gas station which has been made over into a restaurant. From its unassuming appearance you would never expect the unbelievable food, service and friendliness of the owner and staff, the Hole in the Wall is, bar none, the best restaurant that Saskatoon and area has.

The old Texaco station has been converted into a Spanish-style villa complete with wrought ironwork, tiled pictures and rough hewn tables that you would find in South America. The pink plastered walls and ornamentation come across as homey, not off-putting and add warmth to your visit.

A group of friends joined us on our last trip to the Hole in the Wall which is becoming an annual occasion. We ordered the ‘El Presidente’ which is a 5 course tasting menu, including 3 appetizers, soup, salad, 3 main courses and dessert. For our choice of appetizers we chose campecinos (cream-cheese stuffed sweet prunes wrapped in bacon and broiled), pastelitos (puff pastry w/ jalapenos, brie and apricot) and empanadas with home-made salsa. The soup was a butternut squash, perfectly smooth and satisfying with a swirl of cream. We then took a breather with a palate cleanser consisting of a lime sorbet. After this, our main courses came: pollo escondido (pesto-grilled chicken breast in phyllo w/ cranberries and sun-dried tomato feta), orange roughy (whitefish pan-fried with fresh orange juice and tarragon) and costilla de la casa — the best marinated ribs I have ever eaten.


As an aside on the ribs — they are as close as you can get to pure meat as every minute amount of excess fat has been trimmed from them. Seasoned with lemon and other seasonings, each bite is a delight and you end up fighting among friends over how many you each can have.

Coffee and dessert (a creamy mango sorbet with chocolate swirls and a sugar-dipped fried tortilla wedge) followed.

Nelson could not be a more charming host. When he’s not in the kitchen cooking, he often personally will come to your table, pour your wine himself and thank you for coming. He is the most down-to-earth person and really makes you feel like you are an honored guest.

The ‘El Presidente’ tasting menu and the bottles of wine we had added up to a bill of about $90 per person. Yes, it is expensive for Saskatoon but for the quality of ingredients, food and service you get, I think it is one of the best deals around.

Since everything is cooked to order, your meal will not be quick. This is not only a meal but an experience. Expect your evening to be a leisurely paced 3 – 4 hours. Bring your friends and be prepared to be amazed.


Hole in the Wall Restaurant
Shields Townsite
Go East at Dundurn
Take the first left
Take the next right and continue to the Hole in the Wall
Map of directions on web site

Reservations Required: 306 492-4804